Hempfest Boston

Latest Update News About Hempfest, Hempfest Boston 2010: Hempfest Boston 2010 Updates : Almost every sports fan is anticipating for the match between Mosley and Mora today, but the people of Boston is an exemption. The Hempfest Boston 2010 is keeping them preoccupied as the 21st Annual Meeting Boston Rally is set to take place today at the Boston Common. It is expected that the whole event will start and finish at approximately 12 hours.

The Hempfest Boston celebration is interesting. The hiphop group Onyx are in-charge of making the crowd feel more energetic as speakers for different types of music are installed. In reality, Boston is really tough when it comes to liquior. A ticket worth $100 is being sold as long as the marijuana you have is less than one ounce.

The truth is marijuana is just scattered everywhere in Boston. It is also considered as a better party element. As long as the people who uses it don’t abuse it, everything will be fine.

So, are you from Boston? Go out, dress up and meet more people at the Hempfest Boston 2010! It’s time to party!

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