Victoria Beckham Collection

Latest Update News About Victoria Beckham Collection, Victoria Beckham Collection Curvy Turn: Victoria Beckham Collection:Victoria Beckham said she wants her fashion line for the celebration of feminine curves – even though the rail thin size zero. Spice Girl turned designer showed the latest looks from his new collection at the American TV show The View today.

She said: “For me, color is always important. So I got some bright colors this season. It’s about texture, but also a lot of drapery.

“And I just want to celebrate the curves of a woman. While you’re right, I do not have that many myself.

Host Barbara Walters said: “I did not say anything!

Victoria added: “I want to celebrate the curves of a woman. I love the female body, and I want women to look and feel fantastic.”

Then she showed a few looks from her fall collection, including her handbag, to the applause of the audience.

She said the bags were aimed at working mothers – this means that they are “chic”, as well as spacious.

She also joked that she plans to stick with the design, rather than return to her singing days of the Spice Girls.

Explaining that she has developed herself, she said: “What is the dress that was on the cover, that’s me in my studio, with a meter and a half out of parachute silk, draping it over and tying it in a knot, saying:” Well, what I think? ”

“And look where it started and see it on the cover, it’s unbelievable, it really is a dream.

She also set the record straight about comments she refused to use size zero models of its fashion shows.

“The tabloids said that I said that and really was not me,” she said.

However, this is something I agree with and take into account any time of year. I take my position very seriously.

“For me, as long as the girls are healthy, not too young and [are] suitable, that’s what I’m looking for. I do not want a very, very skinny models.

She admitted that she was a size zero herself – but she said she was healthy.

She said: “I work, I eat, I was running after three children.

In addition, she weighed in the earlier discussion of four female hosts, who have that dull their own children.

“I would not say I’m bored,” she said. “I’m a little bored with soccer kicks to me. Obviously, they love football because of [my father] David [Beckham. Being a mom is hard.

“Being a working mom is hard.

And she admitted that she can live out fantasies with a little girl dressing up pet dog of the family, Coco.

she needs help all she can get! We tried femninize it a little bit, make her feel sexy.

When it was suggested that it might need to have a daughter, she said: “One day, if we are lucky. All they [other children] getting so big.

And she mocked her husband for 11 years, David. She said: “It’s great, we are very lucky.

“He’s a pain in the neck sometimes, do not misunderstand me. I mean, it looks great …”

Meanwhile, everyone in the audience the ABC network show to take home a bottle of her signature perfume.

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