Mosley Vs Mora

Latest Update News About Sergio Mora, Shane Mosley, Pacland, Playtoy, Pokemon Black And White Walkthrough: Mosley Vs Mora, Mosley vs Mora “200: Celebrating and dominate” PPV card is tomorrow night. Today, all combatants were at the weigh-in. everyone is in weight, and all the struggles are still scheduled to go smoothly. Check out the complete results of the Mosley vs Mora weighing below.

MAIN EVENT – medium – 12 rounds vs Sergio Mora Shane Mosley

Mosley: 154 lbs

Mora: 157 lbs

SILVER TITLE WBC super welterweight 10 rounds Saul Alvarez vs Carlos Baldomir

Alvarez: 150.5 pounds

Baldomir: 153.5 pounds

Welterweights – 10 ROUNDS Victor Ortiz vs Vivian Harris

Ortiz: 142 lbs

Harris: 142 lbs

WBO Featherweight Eliminator – 12 rounds vs Daniel Ponce De Leon Antonio Escalante

Ponce De Leon: £ 125.75

Escalante: 126 lbs

So there you have it weighed on the results of the Mosley vs Mora PPV card. Tomorrow evening, check back with, as it will host live results and live a Mosley vs Mora card round the year. We’ll post the updates for all PPV fights, and provide full round by round coverage of the main event. See you later … which is the best place on the web that if you are not buying the PPV by yourself.

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