Harry And David

Latest Update News About Harry And David, Harry & David Catalog is More Than Pretty, Multichannel Merchant: Gourmet food company Harry and David of the beloved Moose Munch snacks reported on their fiscal year yesterday citing a net loss of $39.2 million and net sales 12.8% lower than last year. What does this mean for the gift-basket slinging, Medford-based brothers? Will I still be able to satisfy my salty and sweet treat cravings?

Immediately I thought of the gifts I’ve received from my Oregonian friends, baskets filled with blueberry-shaped jars and jams that we spread on toast and pressed between sandwiches. I worried that the giant-sized Moose Munch would no longer grace the shelves of Costco as the holiday season rolled in, and then what would I buy for beneath the Christmas tree? Because, really, no one does chocolate-covered caramel corn quite like Harry and David. What basket of fruit and nuts will I send to my professional contracts at the end of the year, wishing them the warmest holiday wishes?

Continue reading for Harry and David’s projections for the year to come and a look at what Harry and David foods are worth seeking out…

Fear not, for it’s not the end of Harry and David yet. CEO Steven Heyer reported, “Despite our sales decline we were able to return to positive operating cash flow by improving our management of working capital and reducing controllable operating expenses, both of which were effective in mitigating the cash effect of our lower sales.”

That means let the holiday shopping begin! With a new store popping up in Manhattan for the holiday season, this is the time to stock up on all your favorite treats and send those gift baskets to people you love. Try their peach and berry pie before summer’s over, and then move yourself into fall with an Oprah-approved chicken pie. When you buy two Centerville chicken pies, one dollar will be donated to Cape Abilities to help people with disabilities. Finally, if you’re looking for something for your football tailgaiting experience, enter to win Harry and David’s Ultimate Tailgaiting Sweepstakes worth $1750 before 9/24!

Luckily, it looks as those Harry and David isn’t going down without a fight, and that means my Moose Munch is here to stay for another year.

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