Clone Wars Adventures

Latest Update News About Clone Wars, Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures, Star Wars Adventures, Star Wars Online, Star Wars Clone Wars: Though not the Star Wars MMO probably most people are eagerly anticipating, the announcement of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures based upon the currently airing Star Wars: Clone Wars television series came relatively not too long ago, with a beta that seemed to follow just as quickly.

It doesn’t matter whether you can quote every line that’s come from Yoda’s mouth or if you just know him as the small green guy. If you like Star Wars (or even casual games in general) you’ll likely dig this compilation and its social elements.

Despite being an MMO, don’t go in expecting the usual. There are no quests. There are no levels to gain. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is all about playing games, earning credits, buying items, earning awards, and interacting with friends. Players start by picking their character, which can be male or female, and then either a generalized look such as a jedi or clone trooper. For those willing to put a bit of money into the game, you can customize your base character from a handful of various options.

Though not as in-depth as some games, players are able to make their look uniquely their own through the use of the game’s store, which is a mixture of items that can be bought using earned credits or through money put into your account (it’s a basic microtransaction model). For instance, if you want to wear Anakin’s outfit, you can go into the store and buy each item piece by piece until you’ve bought all the elements. You aren’t required to wear one outfit at once, however, as you can mix and match pieces from all the different pieces you’ve bought and make a style that fits you. So if you want to look like a clone trooper but yet wear Cad Bane’s hat, by all means go ahead and do so. Once purchased, you can then equip the items and go running around the game’s space station to showoff to all the other players, or display your attire while engaging in a lightsaber duel. Besides buying clothing options, you can also purchase new actions (such as dances), mind tricks (little special effects that accompany your character while in use such as tiny spaceships flying around your head), or new paint schemes for the different vehicles you ride. You can even buy droids ranging from AT-ATs and R2D2 to accompany you around the station like pets.

Clone Wars Adventures even features player housing straight out of the box (wellnot a literal box) that the player can customize and edit as much as their little heart wants. Furniture and themes are bought from the game’s store using the same credit and real world microtransaction options used for the other options in the game. There are several themes available, ranging from furniture that looks as if it belongs under the sea to rooms that would be right at home on a shuttle cruising through space. Much like the clothing options, you can mix and match pieces however you want. The placement and editing system is also really easy to use. You run to the part of your room you’d like to customize, open up the edit menu, and then grab, drag, and place the desired item wherever you want on the screen. An item isn’t 100% attached to an area upon placement either, as you can use the edit system to rotate the item or move it around to fit your vision. Friends can even visit your place and rank you based on your designing skills.

An easy to use customization system will only get you so far, as you need the gameplay and fun to back it all up. For those who purchase a membership, you’ll have full access to all nineteen games currently available. If you choose to play for free, you’ll still have access to the bulk of the games, though you’ll be missing out on six of the titles (two of them are daily one-time plays for extra credits, so not a huge loss when it comes to those). With that said, while that leaves only four “play anytime you want” games you’ll be missing out on, two of those rank among the best games in the bunch.

The six membership exclusive games include Daily Holocron (win a few extra credits and get a cool quote), Daily Trivia (answer a few Star Wars based questions as fast as possible), Attack Cruiser (an Asteroids-esque cooperative play game), Crystal Attunement (an addictive puzzle game), Republic Gunship (a side-scrolling adventure along the lines of classics like Gladius), and Mine Buster (another addictive puzzle game using the exploding space mines from The Phantom Menace chase between Jango and Obi-Wan).

Puzzle games easily dominate when it comes to quality, as they were the ones I constantly kept coming back to in order to earn some more credits, try to climb up the leaderboards, and work to win their special achievements. Besides Crystal Attunement and Mine Buster, other puzzle games include Droid Programming (a match-four puzzle game starring R2), and Infiltration (another match game based around a spinning level mechanic). Though it’s separated into its own category, I’d go ahead and define Republic Defender as a puzzle game too, though one that’s more action-based. Republic Defender is a tower defense game where players must place structures along a set path in order to destroy advancing enemy troops before they can get into your base.

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