As The World Turns Last Episode

Latest Update News About As The World Turns, As The World Turns Cancelled, As The World Turns Spoilers, As The World Turns Cast, As The World Turns Episodes: It is a sad day for soap opera  fans as As The World Turns final episode aired after a 54 year run on air.

You can learn about the finale plus find out what is replacing the beloved soap. There are pictures and video for you to check out too.

The CBS  studios in Brooklyn are now officially dark as the daytime soap opera As The World Turns finale or final episode whatever you want to call it aired today. It certainly is the end of an era I will say that. The show that debuted in 1956 when the legendary Helen Wagner as Nancy Hughes utterd those infamous words “ Good Morning Dear” is no more.

If you haven’t seen the finale beware there are some spoilers coming up, kind of. Friday’s good-bye show focused on Dr. Bob Hughes, who was played by the amazing Don Hastings for 50 years, as he prepared to retire at the end of the day he reflected on his time as Chief of Staff of Oakdale Memorial. It was a great way to tie things up as his thoughts focused on all the Oakdale residents he helped over the years. After all was said and done and he was done reflecting Dr. Bob said “Good Night” as he shut the lights off in his office. During the final scene there was a globe sitting on Bob’s desk that was seen spinning as the shot faded out. That of course is just a very quick recap of the show, however there is so much more and I will say I think it was a great ending. I am not just talking about the last show either the whole week leading up to the end has been awesome.

ATWT is the second soap opera CBS has cancelled in two years an the reason for that is simply money but we aren’t hear to dwell on that. Fans can see the last cast photo here.

My days will not be the same now that As The World Turns finale or final episode if you will has aired. The lights are out and the world is no longer spinning. In its place viewers will see yet another talk show, this one featuring Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Holly Robinson Peete, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Leah Remin. I for one will not be tuning in to The Talk as it is so not cleverly being called.

Alright ATWT and soap fans a like I know you have some opinions on this so let me hear them. Don’t forget to click on the thumbnail pictures of your favorite ATWT cast members and see the video clip from the last show.

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