Mexican Independence Day

Latest Update News About Mexican Independence Day 2010, Cinco De Mayo, Mexican Flag, Mexican Independence, Mexico S Independence Day: Mexico is on high security alert, as Mexican Independence Day is going to be celebrated this Wednesday on September 16, 2010. On the Bicentennial Anniversary Celebration, all sort of security concerns are kept in mind while doing security arrangements. Authorities are careful about everything from little to big details that are related to security of people.

According to the authorities, they have taken proper care to make sure that no unfortunate event spoils the celebration of Mexican Independence Day. Main danger to security arrangements is drug cartel violence in the country.

This year, Mexico is celebrating 200th Bicentennial Anniversary, Mexican Independence Day 2010 marked 200 year of success of uprising started in 1810 against Spanish rule.

According to reports collected, on an estimate there would be a hundred thousand people participating in Mexican Independence Day celebration.

Reports are saying that Wednesday would be full of celebrations all round the clock. There will be Independence Day show which would begin the celebrations on Wednesday.

After the independence show, there would be parades.

There are also reports saying that the evening of Mexican Independence Day would be full of concerts and fireworks. All the events going to take place on Wednesday would celebrate Mexico’s victory over Spanish rule.

To avoid any kind of disturbance or unfortunate thing in the celebrations, security is arranged to the possible best level. Reports collected from authorities on security arrangements states that there are 14000 policemen in total who are placed in different areas of Mexico City.

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