Javier Arenas

Latest Update News About Dexter Mccluster, Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs, Ryan Mathews, Jamaal Charles: The Kansas City Chiefs have a problem at returner. Yep, even after the big win against the San Diego Chargers, there’s already a problem. They have two excellent kick returners.

Speaking with AP reader Spencer Kane of KFRU in Columbia, MO this afternoon, I suggested that even without one of those guys, the Chiefs are among the tops in the league in the return game.

The problem: Which one to use?


On the one hand, you’ve got Javier Arenas who was a prolific returner in college and through four preseason games consistently demonstrated that he has outstanding instincts in the return game.

On the other hand, you’ve got Dexter McCluster who didn’t return a lot of kicks and punts at Ole Miss and wasn’t the primary returner during the preseason. Of course McCluster also took one 94 yards to the house on Monday night.

So which one should get the bulk of the returns?

Even though McCluster had the big return, I would still be giving the bulk of the returns to Arenas. That’s because he’s shown, over a long period of time, that he can handle the job and handle it well. With McCluster, the Dante Hall effect comes into play. You don’t want his time as a returner to affect his offensive output.

I know McCluster had the big return but I think the Chiefs best production would be to have Arenas handle the bulk of the return duties and McCluster staying fresh on offense.

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