Gates Death Panels

Latest Update News About Bpd.Com.Do, Chase On Line, Dealextreme, Deal Extreme, Ebay Deutschland, Bill Gates on “death panels”: Recently, at a TED talk hosted by Bill Gates, he discussed the idea of lowering the global population to combat global warming.

The idea was based on around the goal of lowering CO2 emissions.  Gates said that a combination of vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services could help to drastically lower the world’s population; while reproductive health services make sense, it is not immediately sensible how the use of vaccines could lower the world’s population; as Gates and his wife’s foundation is partly engaged in delivering vaccines to third world countries, has accused Gates of being a “eugenicist”.

Gates sparked another controversy in a question and answer session recently when he suggested that money being spent to keep the elderly alive could be better spent.

An important dimension to this issue that will likely be largely ignored, is why anybody would take Bill Gates seriously to begin with.  Like Einstein, the name “Bill Gates” has become a household name associated with genius. There is a danger when something like this happens that we will accept anything a household genius has to say, regardless of whether or not it is related to his own field.  Should we really care about anything Einstein says that is not directly related to physics?  Likewise, should we really care about anything Bill Gates says that is not directly related to stealing ideas from Xerox?

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