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Latest Update News About Ines Sainz Wikipedia, Inez Sainz, Ines Sainz Wiki, Ines Sainz Bio, Ines Sainz Pictures: Ines Sainz, a reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca, stated on Twitter that she felt ‘very uncomfortable’ during a NY Jets practice Saturday, claiming that a coach appeared to throw footballs towards her and players were calling out to her in the locker room.

Jets owner Woody Johnson called the female reporter to apologize and told on Monday that the team will begin interviewing players as part of its investigation with the league office.

Some speculate that the outfit that Sainz wore to Jets practice prompted the supposed cat-calling remarks (including Sports Illustrated’s HotClicks column, mentioned below) from players, but from the looks of the photo she posted to Twitter (below) Sainz was dressed appropriately in jeans and short-sleeved white top.

Sainz tweeted in Spanish, “I die of embarrassment … I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!”

According to a report in the NY Daily News, although Sainz felt uncomfortable in the locker room amidst the alleged ‘cat calls’ from players, she indicates that, “In no moment did I feel attacked or subjected to anything really offensive.”

Sports Illustrated feels Sainz jeans were a distraction?

Monday’s’s “HotClicks” column, normally written by Jimmy Traina, states “During her trip to the team’s practice facility, she was the victim of “suggestive comments” from some players while members of the coaching staff “accidentally” overthrew receivers during drills so the ball would land near her. Of course, she was wearing these jeans so some players might have been distracted.”

The “These jeans” link led to the photo (below) that Sainz tweeted she was wearing at Jets practice.’s Jimmy Traina claimed on Twitter that he didn’t write today’s “HotClicks” column, tweeting, “I did not write Hot Clicks today. Off til Wed”

Sainz, a former Miss Universe contestant and currently a TV Azteca reporter, is known as the “hottest sports reporter in Mexico.” Yes, she’s beautiful, but sexual harassment, if this is the case, is ugly.

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