Lady Gaga Meat Dress

Latest Update News About Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga Vma 2010, Lady Gaga Vma, Lady Gaga Meat, Lady Gaga Meat Outfit: The 2010 Video Music Awards was a night to remember—especially for those in attendance. No one had a better seat in the house than host Chelsea Handler, who told followers today, “Thanks 4 watching everyone.

I know I had a good night when I wake up with tape on my back & glitter on my face.” Presenter Kim Kardashian  seemed to enjoy herself, as the reality star tweeted, “How funny was the little intro skit? Restraining orders never stops me! LOL.” Kim’s favorite jail bait (and VMA winner) Justin Bieber wrote that he, “Can’t stop smiling!!! Everybody #SMILE.”

Drake may have walked home empty handed, but he still had a blast, as he put on his Twitter page, “Thank you for all the love tonight…I had the time of my life…lets have a toast for dooooooouchebaaaags haaaaaa.” Of course, no one had more reason to smile than the evening’s biggest winner, Lady Gaga.

The “little monster” leader posted, “Too much poetry tonight, + grateful words to say. But u love u, + I love I, + we were #bornthisway.” Even “The Situation” (sort of) acknowledged he wasn’t the only superstar to have a great night, as he tweeted, “The Situation tore it up at the VMAS red carpet and Eminem,Lady Gaga, and Kanye did their thing to make this years 2010 VMAS awesome event.”

Check out the rest of Monday’s best post-VMA tweets and find out what famous viewers’ thoughts were on the show, including their favorite performances and Gaga’s meat dress (pictured)! Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!

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