Delimar Vera

Latest Update News About Delimar Vera, Delimar Vera The Little Lost Girl: A Puerto Rican mother found her daughter Delimar Vera Cuevas who was feared flamed away in a 1997 house-fire, miraculously in 2004. Luz Aida Cuevas the mother never believed her 5-week-old baby girl Delimar Vera Cuevas died in her bedroom due to a fire in the house. The mother recognized her baby in 2004.

The inspiration behind the 2008 movie “Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story” by Paul A. Kaufman, was an absolutely true story. Writer Christopher Canaan produced his best efforts to write a plot for the movie that was based on the true story of a woman who never gave up and kept her hopes alive that one day she’ll find her infant baby girl. Her daughter was deep asleep in her North Philadelphia house bedroom and was feared to be wasted when suddenly the house caught on fire and despite her maximum efforts, the mother ended up with some burn marks on her face forever.

The girl’s name was Delimar Vera Cuevas and Pedro Vera and Luz Aida were her parents. When the house caught fire on December 15, 1997, Luz Aida tried her level best to find her baby which was in her bedroom upstairs but due to fire and smoke, she never succeeded. The subsequent through search by the firefighters suggested that either the baby was flamed out completely or she was buried underneath the debris and wrecks of the burnt out house.

Quite miraculously after 6 years Luz Aida Cuevas and her sister noticed a girl in some birthday party named Aaliyah Hernandez living with a lady named Carolyn Correa. The mother immediately recognized her long-lost daughter by a small hole on her mouth. Somehow Aida acquired some of the girl’s hair and sent them for the DNA testing courtesy local police.

The DNA matched and everybody was convinced it was Delimar Vera Cruz. Subsequently, Carolyn Correa was arrested in 2004 and was charged and booked for kidnapping besides an attempted murder and some more counts.

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