Vikings Vs Saints

Latest Update News About Vikings Schedule, Vikings, Saints, New Orleans Saints, Saints Schedule: No matter how excited we feel about this year’s team (I’m brimming with insane optimism), we can’t be sure the season will play out the way we hope. This time last year, we were coming off an 8-8, playoff-missing season, but things were looking way up after the hiring of Gregg Williams. Still, the Super Bowl victory our guys attained was never a sure-thing until the final seconds ticked off the clock in Miami.

Today, we launch a brand new season as the defending champs. We’ve had very little roster turnover and our coaching staff remains intact. Our future looks bright, but there are still unknowns to grapple with. Will the defense improve or decline? Will Mike Bell be missed? After months of film study, will our opponents have figured out ways to stop us? Will some other unforeseen calamity bring us crashing back down to earth? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Despite these questions, the unknown need not be feared. We, the long-suffering members of Who Dat Nation, need not expect doom and gloom starting tonight. The other 31 teams have just as many questions as our Saints do. No one is guaranteed a shot at The Ring. If last season taught us anything, it’s that our team is just as capable as any other to win the Lombardi.

So, let us ask not how our team can blow it this year, but rather just sit back and enjoy the ride no matter where the 2010 road leads us. And, to all of you able to attend tonight’s game, I hate you all! Just kidding, but I am crazy jealous of you. I’ll be cheering along from home. Who dat?! Who dat?! Who dat say dey gonna beat dem saints?!

This concludes today’s pep rally. Can you feel the excitement? If not, check your pulse! Links, tweets, and video galore after the jump.

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