Matt Barnes Arrested

Latest Update News About Matt Barnes, Basketball Wives: Los Angeles Lakers reserve forward Matt Barnes is pushing back against domestic violence charges filed against him by Sacramento police Wednesday.

Barnes, recently signed by the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent, was arrested Wednesday and charged with suspicion of domestic violence and maliciously obstructing the use of a telephone line, after police were called to a Sacramento residence.

The Sacramento Bee was the first to report on Barnes’ arrest.

Though both Barnes and the woman, presumed to be his girlfriend, were found with injuries, police arrested Barnes after they determined that he was the primary aggressor, a police spokesman said.

However, a television reporter for Sacramento’s News10 reports that Barnes, 30, who signed a two-year $3.6 million contract with Los Angeles in the offseason, responded to a text message late Wednesday, proclaiming his innocence. “U know any domestic violence situation 9 outa 10 times the man gets arrested,” Barnes texted. “That’s the case here I was the victim but still got arrested. No matter what I say people are gonna think what they want…”

Through his Twitter account, Barnes posted: “DON’T LET YOUR EARS WITNESS, WHAT YOUR EYES DIDN’T SEE!!!”

Barnes, who formerly played for Sacramento, Philadelphia and Orlando, posted a $50,000 bond and was released. He faces a Sept. 13 arraignment.

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