Here You Have Virus Email

Latest Update News About Here You Have, Here You Have Virus: Here You Have Virus Email, Even though you probably less likely to find full of malware if you’re using Linux instead of Windows, that does not mean that security software should be completely ignored. ClamTK – or KlamAV, depending on the environment in which to use – gives your Linux PC to a malware guard dog that goes beyond the old “security through obscurity” strategy.

Have you run a virus scan lately? No.? No need, you say. That’s because it runs a Linux operating system.

Think again. To quote the title line of the third album by Bob Dylan, “times are changing.”

Yes they are. And part of that change is the greatest risk of malware attacks on the Linux operating system. Linux used to be that security was so tight security intrusions knew that there was no virus.

Used-to-be has now given way to a possible maybe. The cry of war between security experts in the past was simply using a Linux operating system – or Mac OS X – gave the re-in security through obscurity.

However, many operators of mail servers based on Linux software for years ran the Unix-based security to ensure that contact with the Windows environment does not know any virus transmitted. The same strategy makes sense if you run any of the dozens of flavors of Linux desktop.

The ClamAV Antivirus Manager is a good safety precaution. It comes in versions of Gnome and KDE.

With so much of our computing activities based on web-based applications and multi-platform software such as browsers and word processors, this discreet scanner application goes a step or two beyond the “security by obscurity” axiom.

The KlamAV Antivirus Scanner ClamTK Manager and virus are basically the same application, but the interface give every aspect of their own and feel.

The name game is basically an alphabet soup of settings. The couple KlamAV entity with the KDE environment.

The ClamTK Virus Scanner is a GUI or graphical user interface to the ClamAV antivirus with gtk2-perl.

In most Linux distributions, you can get either version of the package management system. This makes installation foolproof and without complications.

Well, yes. You can find some other applications of an anti-virus for various Linux distributions. But most are distributed as binary files and are available outside the package management repositories for various Linux distributions.

For example, I used to run AVG for Linux. But I lost interest in the struggle for virus updates to connect.

I also use the use of F-Prot, when I met with earlier versions of Puppy Linux on some of my older computers. I fell out of favor with him when I upgraded to Lucid Lynx version of Ubuntu on the latest hardware. Your facility outside the repository was too much of a hassle.

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