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Latest Update News About Instant, Instant Search, Google Instant Messenger, Google Instant Search, Test, Mark Zuckerberg gets fresh start on Google Instant search: No doubt, one of Google’s most valuable contributions to humanity is its auto-fill function.

Wondering what everyone else is wondering about? Start typing who, what, where, when, why or how into the Google search field. If you’re feeling lucky, follow it with a verb. Lickety-split, the top questions most commonly asked by Google users pop up — instant access into the bizarrely awesome zeitgeist experienced by Google users, which lets be honest, is pretty much everyone. For example:

“Where is…” brings

* Where is Chuck Norris?

* Where is my refund?

* Where is the love?

* Where is my mind?

“Why does…” brings

* Why does my eye twitch?

* Why does he do that?

* Why does it rain?

* Why does my cat lick me?

You get the idea.

Now, thanks to Google’s Instant search, launched Wednesday, you can tap into that zeitgeist 2 to 5 seconds faster, as it starts anticipating what you’re going to ask as you type, before you even click a thing. It’s actually kind of creepy … but what are ya gonna do? Use Bing?

A quick tour through Google Instant revealed two more significant changes to the Google’s auto-fill. Suggestions for questions you might be asking are now limited to four, instead of 10 amusing possibilities.

More pointedly, old Google isn’t afraid to auto-fill the tough question about Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Type “Why can’t” into Google Original Recipe, and the first question it offers to search for is “Why can’t Mark Zuckerberg learn?”

Ask New Google Instant “Why can’t,” and the first thing it offers is Google Original Recipe’s second question suggestion: “Why can’t I own a Canadian?”

Cue dramatic-looking gopher!

One could play Warren Commission and posit nefarious theories all day … because it’s fun. Most likely however, Google’s frighteningly efficient new algorithm is budgeting for noise, something like the way Twitter rejiggered its algorithm so the top trends aren’t aways lousy with references to that Justin Bieber kid. And frankly, with Google co-founder Sergey Brin noting that the company focus is on wanting “to make Google the third half of your brain,” we’ve got scarier things to worry about.

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