Branagh Could Be Spending

Latest Update News About Branagh Could Be Spending A ‘Week With Marilyn: Marilyn Monroe is an iconic actress who we’ve admired for decades. Of course it’s only natural that a few films would be made of her life or experiences during the short duration of it. That’s where “My Week with Marilyn” comes in. The Simon Curtis film centers on the small period of time in which Lawrence Olivier chaperones the beautiful Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) on the set of “The Prince and the Showgirl”.

“Thor” director Kenneth Branagh is in the middle of talks to go and take on the lead role and co-star alongside Michelle Williams. The only real problem is when are they going to start rolling on this production and will Branagh still be working on “Thor”? Here’s hoping the talented actor has enough time on his plate to go back in front of the camera.

The Marvel Studios production, starring Chris Hemsworth, will be making it’s way into theaters everywhere on May 6th, 2011. Be sure to stay on here to check out the sweet Comic-Con coverage we’ll be having on that panel and many others.

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