Dead Or Alive

Latest Update News About Dead Or Alive, Top 5 Dead Or Alive: Brotha Lynch Hung: One more pound to smoke, a horse head, and baby guts are among the things that the mind conjures when it hears the name, Brotha Lynch Hung. Mr. Sacramento, crept onto the scene back in ’93.

With his sophomore release of, Season of da Siccness. Lynch’s exquisitely twisted lyrics and entrenched metaphors (sometimes misleading to the listener) earned him an infamous spot in Hip-Hop’s underground. Is he really a canniba? Does he physically mutilate infants? No. Is he able to use his words to provoke an emotional response? Absolutely!

“I’m willing to do whatever. I try not to do any of that regular stuff, you know. I want to do other level stuff—stuff that hasn’t been done. Every rapper says that; but, it has to be something creative, it has to be something lyrical. It can’t be verse, hook, verse, hook, verse, hook all the time. It’s got to be really, really different,” assures Brotha Lynch. Dinner And A Movie, his Strange Music debut, demonstrates his creative progression. Now, Brotha Lynch Hung discusses which MCs he considers to reign supreme. I would like to get your Top 5 Dead Or Alive MCs.

Brotha Lynch Hung: Okay. You know, Tupac, he’s at the top! Now, give me a little juice as to why these guys made it into your Top 5.

Brotha Lynch Hung: Why did those? Well, if you notice, every rapper that I picked puts pride into their lyrics and their creativity.

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